Baby's nursery

By the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and will be time to start preparing your baby's room. The environment in which your baby will grow to be warm, pleasant, stimulating, comfortable and extremely safe. For these premises must take into account these five factors:

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First, choose a location for your nursery that is near to where you sleep, but that has as little foot traffic as possible. If you have other children in the house, try not to place the nursery in the same room or on an adjacent wall.
Next, consider the amount of light in the room. Though many parents try to decorate the nursery in a bright, sunny way, the ability to block out light when the baby is napping is very important. A baby will sleep comfortably in a room warm, but not hot or cold.

A space, no matter how big, will look wasted if it is not decorated properly with the right accents. Get ready a game area into nursery, your baby will enjoy it.

According to experts in pedagogy, the space created especially for the child must be related to the rest of the house, because it will help him/her to integrate into the family context.

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Lamps are an essential part of the baby nursery lighting scheme, especially if your baby's room lacks a ceiling fixture. You may want to choose a lamp that matches your baby nursery’s theme or bedding. Most baby bedding sets have matching lamps that coordinate with the bedding.

You may install a dimmer switch so you can control the brightness of the room. You will also want to consider a nightlight as part of your baby nursery lighting plan. There are several options available for nightlights. This is very helpful during night feedings. 

Add a matching lamp shape and you are set. Place all electricity switches, plugs and sockets high on the walls so children can not reach them. You should have child safety devices fitted on them and do not use floor lamps.


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Neutral shades have a warm, relaxing, grounding effect. They enhance the size of the room, unify and tone down bolder colors and go with anything, neutral colors include brown, beige, cream, ivory and white.

Those shades are an excellent choice for your baby room making a wonderful anchor for splashes of other bright, fun colors.


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A baby's nursery should be a safe, cozy and inviting area. Make sure that all furniture and decorations are sturdy and properly mounted to the wall to avoid harm your baby. Without doubt, the most important piece of furniture is the cot, as well as a wardrobe and a changing table.Choosing non-toxic baby furniture is an important step in creating a healthy environment for your baby. Look to see there are no sharp or jagged edges .

Be sure that all furniture comply with safety procedure U.N.E.


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Before you start decorating your baby nursery for your new baby, you need to make sure that the nursery is going to be safe. Avoid blinds or drapes with cords in the baby nursery. Place the crib away from windows, cords, lamps, decoration or climbable furniture in the nursery. Place all electricity switches, plugs and sockets high on the walls so children cannot reach them or have child safety devices fitted on them.

The room should be well ventilated, cool, avoiding stale air.

It is important that your baby's room is not overloaded with stuffed toys and other decorative objects. In the first s months of  their life avoid using carpets, because they can cause allergies.

Use non-toxic paints.

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Customize your nursery’s room

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