Mission and values

When BOLIN BOLON started its commercial activity, it was marked as principal aims to put within reach of our clients the most profitable articles for their business and, for mum, to guarantee all the safety and comfort of our products for her Baby. Today we are sure that we have reached our goal, encouraging to continue for this way.

Design, constant innovation, creativity and maximum quality,in agreement to the procedure of U.N.E. Regulation, for all the fabrics and ended,it are concepts that get special relief in our way of understanding the commitment with our clients

Our Sales Network advises and attends, personally, to all our clients. Behind of them, a whole human team and technical resources, support their management with full intensity.

Certificados de calidad de Bolín Bolón

We have a General Catalogue directed to being a useful tool, easy to use and profitably.

Our Distribution logistic is effective and efficient, which allows a rapid service at all times.