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During the first days of life newborns spend many hours sleeping. That is why you should give the maximum comfort and relax to your baby.

The cradle is small and can be placed close to your bed. Its small size creates a womb like nest in which babies can sleep soundly. It’s ideal during the first six months. The cradle fits easily through a doorway and has wheels, so you can place your baby in your bedroom or move it around the house with you. Locking wheels prevent unwanted movements.The cradle that we offer meets the Safety Standard UNE - EN 1130/1996, and includes the mattress. If six months later the child can sit, kneel or stand alone, it's time for him to change to the cot, so we avoid unwanted risks.

With the moses basket you assure yo your baby a peaceful sleep throughout the day and night. The wicker's structure is completely dressed. You can easily transport it by the handles. If the weight of your baby is over 9 kilos or your child can sit alone, turn or push himself with his hands and knees, you should not use it. Our basket includes the mattress and it’s completely dressed with bumper and quilt. It complies with the Safety Standard UNE - EN 1466/2004.

The baskets support has four-wheel lock, it’s approved in accordance with safety standards.

Cot is necessary when cradle or moses basket are small for your baby. The most important consideration in buying a cot is your baby's safety. Railings should be fail-safe, to prevent them from falling down when they aren't supposed to, and crushing the fingers of caregivers or hurting the baby. Parental safety is an issue, too. Make sure that the rails are high enough to keep your infant in the cot after he can pull himself up. Our cots have three-position height-adjustable mattress spring system and adjustable side railing for easy access to your baby, the distance between the bars is between 4.5 and 6.5 cm. Closing double secured with locking device. All our cots have three positions to suit baby's height according to age. The wheels, two of which have brakes allow easy movement. All edges are rounded to avoid risks and all are non-toxic paints and varnishes.

Cots we offer comply with Safety Standard UNE - EN 716-1. BOLIN BOLON has all the necessary items to dress the cot as well as latex , spring or viscoelastic mattresses , with fitted sheed. Bumpers should surround the interior of the cot so your baby will be protected from hard wooden surfaces, do not forget to include it in your equipment. And for your baby to enjoy the most beautiful dreams, we offer removable Quilts, Duvets and cot bags, you can choose between many designs in our catalog.

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Products of Bolin Bolon

Taking a walk

Taking a walk with your baby is important for the good physical and psychological development. This is another way to facilitate your bond together while also getting some much-needed fresh air and exercise.It's a fun and pleasant activity: begin to discover new things and this will enrich their learning process.

First way of transport is the pushchair or stroller. We suggest that our products will be of great utility for you.

Stroller bags and group O covers, combined with color harmony, design and functionality, adaptable to all strollers and safety car seats with removable cover for warm days.

In summertime, the umbrella will be essential: your baby’s skin is so sensitive, so you'll appreciate it protection.

Stroller bag

With different designs and shapes, your baby will get quite warm on the rides in the car or at home in the mosesbasket. The top part is removable, allowing its use as a light weight quilt for the pushchair during warm days.

Knitted Shawl and Blanket

Wrap your baby with all the softness and quality of our noblest fabrics: cottons, delicate curls ... Surrounded in your arms, wrapped in his cot or ride in the stroller, all the warmth of our garments will fill it with happiness and comfort.

Changer mat

Practical and essential item when changing diapers to your baby, it matches all our collections and has a considerable thick paded filling to guarantee your baby maximum comfort at all times it’s interior is a perfumed plastic sheet for quick cleaning

Bag - Layette

Water proof interior lining avoids the possibility of any spilt liquid seeping through, such as shampoo or eau de cologne. Designed so that nothing is left behind when you travel. In their inner pockets you can store your bottles, cologne, diapers..Between our extend range of bags BOLIN BOLON offers you different shapes, sizes and designs you can choose the one you like or suits your needs.

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During bath time

Bath time and diapering should not only be a matter of hygiene it may become to one of the most enjoyable and relaxing moment in the day and allow your baby to enjoy the time in the water.

At hand you should have everything necessary for hygiene. You may have everything organized into the wicker basket or bag.

To help you even more BOLIN BOLON, has designed a bath made in solid wood with trays that also serve to have everything ready. With four-wheel slip and brake, its displacement is very easy and safe. Bath is covered with coordinate fabrics, top part has a piece of towel fabric with a water proof lining to protect the fabric, it’s removable for easier washing.

The best way to dry the baby is to carefully lie down them on a bath cape or hooded towel then wrap this around them, make sure that all the crevices are fully dried. Our towels are made from the best quality terry cotton. We offer different desings in which embroideries match with our collections

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